The Mevik Club

Discover the Ultimate Learning Experience in Robotics, IoT, and AI at Mevik Academy

At Mevik Academy, students embark on an unparalleled educational journey with our meticulously crafted courses in Robotics, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. Our Robotics program offers 36 sessions per year, featuring 30 hands-on learning experiences, 5 worksheets, and 1 challenge project, tailored for junior (grades 3-4), middle (grades 5-6), and senior (grades 7-9) students, with advanced courses for those above grade 9. Students master skills such as sensors, mechanical and mathematical logic, circuit design, and embedded systems. Our IoT curriculum, spanning 40 sessions annually, includes 34 hands-on learning modules, 5 worksheets, and 1 challenge project, focusing on AI foundations, data analytics, AI technologies, and the ethics of AI, suited for senior students (grades 7-9) and those above grade 9. Additionally, our prestigious Mevik Elite Membership provides ambitious students with comprehensive learning, exclusive networking opportunities, internships, and access to advanced courses. The Mevik Nexus Academy offers flexibility with a wide range of courses, while the Mevik Innovator Club provides dynamic summer boot camps with 15 days of intensive hands-on training. Join Mevik Academy and unlock your potential in the exciting fields of Robotics, IoT, and AI.

“Robotics and IoT sessions at Mevik Academy: With hands-on learning, worksheets, and challenge projects for various age groups. Advanced skills in sensors, circuit design, AI technologies, and ethics. Premium memberships available for comprehensive learning and networking opportunities.”